KRA's Innovation Agenda

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is the principal agency charged with the collection of tax revenue on behalf of the Government of Kenya. In order to achieve Kenya’s development agenda and a sustained economic growth model, KRA recognises the transformative role of innovation in driving new approaches in tax administration. This is in line with KRA’s 7th Corporate Plan, the Third Medium Term Plan of Vision 2030, and coincides with the Government’s Big Four Agenda to ensure a more prosperous Kenya. The Strategy, Innovation and Risk Management Department is tasked with implementing innovation as a business strategy by developing cost-effective approaches to mobilising revenue, improving customer service and raising tax compliance.


To promote innovative performance by providing an enabling environment that harnesses creative ideas to transform tax administration.


Develop KRA into an innovative and transformative organisation that is customer-focused for an enhanced tax base expansion.


Trustworthy, Ethical, Competent & Helpful. The Innovation Team is receptive to the truth, holds high standards of transparency, keen to find solutions and is proactive to changing taxpayer needs.

Focus Areas

The Kenya Revenue Authority has identified key areas to innovate on.

Process Innovation

Customer Service

Tax Base Expansion

Why Innovate?

  • National Development Agenda

    Infrustructure, Education, Health, Communicaton, Food Security

    The Kenya Revenue Authority supports the government's development agenda into transforming the country into a globally competitive and prosperous nation. This involves enhancing manufacturing from 9.2% to 20% of GDP by 2022, achieving a 100% food security and nutrition commitment, delivering 500,000 new affordable homes and attaining 100% universal healthcare to all Kenyans. This calls for innovative approaches in revenue mobilization in ways that promote equity, transparency and equality.

  • Revenue Collection Target: KES 1.74 Trillion (2018/2019)

    The national budget is important in driving optimal reallocation of resources to all county governments, maintaining economic stability that may be hampered by geopolitical factors and in providing assistance to public sector institutions to deliver on their respective mandates. To meet the national budget, it is crucial for Kenya revenue Authority to implement innovative strategies that ensure optimal collection and administration of revenue

  • Advancement in Technology

    Technology is a key driver of the 21st century economy and Kenya is a key player in advancement of Africa's ICT industry. KRA seeks to adopt new technologies to enhance tax administration and service delivery. These technologies include block chain and artificial intelligence.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

    The economic benefits of IP involve promoting innovation, encouraging investment, knowledge sharing and economic growth.

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The Kenya Revenue Authority assures innovators of their intellectual property rights. KRA supports innovation and encourages Kenyans to submit their ideas and support Kenya's development agenda.

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